Set This House On F...
By Skeleton7Peanut
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Leen has always been a sad girl, or atleast that's what it looks like. It was never good, she was never okay. Even if you bought her diamonds, it wouldn't be enough. Maybe because what she needed wasn't material? She meets a lot of people and isn't new to one night stands, but is that all she consists of? One night stands, alcohol and weed? Miserable and sad, she's 21 and she doesn't need a good life, that's what she says anyway. Through all the guys she meets, famous celebrities are part of it too, in fact, she often ends up in tour buses. She's used to the little bunks in there. It's nothing new, when she ends up drunk in Meaningful Tuesday's bus. TRIGGER WARNINGS: Violence, swearing, suicide, selfharm and rape. Do not read if you don't wanna cry!

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Set This...
by Skeleton7Peanut