Edge of Pathos (Boo...
By KristenPham
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  • magic
  • middle-grade
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Never pause, never doubt, never yield. Rise and fight. Valerie thought she understood loss. Her entire life has been defined by it. But now, she is facing the most frightening loss of all. Her own mind is slipping away, consumed by the power that burns through her every time she saves a life. As the Fractus sweep across Earth, using the strength of their magic to subjugate the powerless, Valerie struggles to lead the resistance, constantly one step behind her enemy. When Reaper taps into a powerful new source of magic, Valerie knows that solutions that worked in the past won't be enough to defeat him. She'll have to reimagine how magic can be harnessed in order to combat a force dark enough to dark enough to enslave all of humankind. In the final novel of The Conjurors Series, Valerie must bury her pain and uncertainty deep inside of her and make the hardest decisions of her life with no one to guide her. The fate of two worlds depends on it.

Chapter 1

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Edge of P...
by KristenPham