Such Wicked Serendi...
By SydnieBeaupre
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This is the first draft! It's VERY different from the final copy, which is better thought out, and longer. I kept it here for people to enjoy :D "Spencer," he says, his voice sounding just as stunned as I am, "you saved me." Spencer never dreamed that she and Cayden would be connected in any way other than occasional friendship. But when she saves him from a stab wound his father gave him with only her tears, she finds out exactly why he pushed her away; Cayden is not human. Or at least, not entirely... Cayden is a Shade. He feeds off of the negative emotions of humans. And Spencer... Stumbling through the new world of demons together proves dangerous for the pair, and unwanted enemies arise as emotions between them become more than just sustenance... Fate has never seemed so evil. (Contains some swearing and acts of a sexual nature, also CW for child sexual assault and abuse)

Part One

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Such Wick...
by SydnieBeaupre