Please Don't Hurt M...
By imaginewarrior
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Talia Windsfure is 20 years old, she is unappreciated. No family, she couldn't keep in touch with her 'family,' and she has a job at 'Mikey's Diner.' She is still made fun of her old, Buddy's from highschool. That happens to be the reason why she cannot get a man. They drive them away. She is very attractive with her waist-long black hair, hour glass body shape, and her beautiful purple eyes. Yes purple. And having a baby with a egotistical, lying, bipolar-as Talia describes-is the most horrid thing to happen. Tobias Fulton is a multimillionaire! Black hair, golden eyes, and he happens to be a Mafia Leader. Mafia: Crimson Black. But behind all if that there is a deeper secret. What happens to the people he dislikes? He kills them. How? That's something Talia wants to figure out. And when she does. What will she think? -Shay....

Goodnight, Talia Windsfure..

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Please Do...
by imaginewarrior