Ocean Eyes {Nico Di...
By wolfplague
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I'm Emily, I'd say my life was kinda normal, grew up with my mom, then around five, my mom became Luna. Yeah. I'm part werewolf, I had always been told. "Don't let anybody know. They'll kill you" though... that's not what I did. My life was completely turned around when I was attacked by a Cyclops, It completely changed (or ruined) my life. Though that thing killed my mother, I had met multiple people who made me happy, and they were complete idiots. But hey, what can you do without a little idiocy in your life? And I mean I don't know I've been told I was a sassy cinnamon roll, "I don't know what I would do if she left me, I wouldn't survive" "We were all bloody, but he was the bloodiest." (If any parts in this story seem to resemble any other book, it's pure coincidence) Don't steal from me, the plots or the made up characters. The story is a bit angsty at a certain point. But there's lots of fluff, so 'yay fluff' DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS ALL GOES TO UNCLE RICK (or Rick Riordan whatever,)


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Ocean Eye...
by wolfplague