Into the Deep - Spa...
By bernewrites
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Into the Deep is the story of 2 siblings who are immune to a virus that has ravaged Earth and must escape, with the help of an alien who they blame for what happened on Earth. A simple plan to escape and return turns into something much bigger when they find themselves on a new planet that compels them to go deeper to free the oppressed. ---- My brother, Morren, and I are Immunes. My sister, Tezzi, might also be an Immune, as this trait was passed down from our father. We were forced to escape Earth and now Morren, myself, and Ely - the alien who I blame for starting all of this, were drawn to a foreign planet. The reason, we learned, is because there is an Immune here we need to bring back home to Earth. But it won't be that easy. The only way to get back home, is together. We are possibly light years away from Earth and the last remnants of humanity. Now, caught in a web that forces us to expose things that effect more than just our world, simply getting the Immune and returning home may no longer an option. There's more at stake and, maybe, if we figure out how to save them, we'll know how to save ourselves.

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Into the...
by bernewrites