The Bewitching - Mi...
By MartinDouglas
  • Fantasy
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  • death
  • demons
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  • evil
  • love
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  • wattys2015
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Winter has come and gone. Elyssa, a witch, spends her nights thinking of the mysterious man doomed to become a demon. As they cross paths once again, she learns many things in his life have changed. The new demon is even more dangerous than the last in a way no one could ever guess. Old friends reveal their long hidden secrets, and in the end Elyssa must make the ultimate sacrifice that may forever change her fate with this man that now haunts her thoughts. The Bewitching - Midsummer Aine is the second book in The Bewitching series. It follows the romance between Elyssa and Dantes, a witch and soon to be demon. As they battle against demons and human myths come to life, along with their companions Alicia, Annette, and Tobias, they must also battle the love/hate relationship they find with each other. If you find yourself a fan of character driven stories in a place that mixes myths, magic, fantasy, love and desire, and the so many amazing emotions and wonders that make us human...well then I hope my story inspires those same feelings all over again. If you find yourself a bit lost, I highly recommend you read my first novel in the series since a lot of the back story and what takes place hidden from human eyes is explained there.


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The Bewit...
by MartinDouglas