Unexpected Bonds (M...
By MercedesLashanti
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"What's with his scent boys?" Dominic turned to his father, "It smells like the mating isn't done." I froze. "What the hell do you mean?! You're telling me that they haven't fuc-," Hunter covered my mouth and I glared at him. Their parents laughed, "You guys got lucky, however it seems that someone else might be his mate as well." The three of them growled in unison, "What do you mean?" Xavier finally said something but with how guttural it sounded, I wished he didn't say anything. Nancy smiled, "It means he has another mate that he hasn't mated with yet, he needs to quickly or he'll go into heat. That could lead to a lot of pain as well as constant arousal." I smacked Hunter's hand off, "So instead of just three mates, I have four?!" "You might have more than four." I gaped at Gabriel and felt dread fill my stomach. I put my face in my hands. "And I thought that three was too much." Ollo! A brief author's note, my story may become mature rated or made Private due to... erotic chapters and from what I've seen and experienced myself is that it causes issues for readers. To prevent any issues while reading and you'd wish to read the Private chapters, follow me before you add the book to your library/ reading list. If you're not using either or just glancing over then you won't have to worry about that mild problem :) Byieee!


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