Loose ends...
By Captian_Swan_fenatic
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Set immediately after the end of series 1, when all tied up ends are undone. Basically all the rowdies, bart and Dirk escaped Blackwing, this is gonna be some sweet romantic Brotzly shit When Dirk reveals his true feelings about Todd to Farah, he is worried about telling Todd in case he is rejected or he scares away his best friend.Dirk manage to pluck up the courage to tell Todd about he feels and if he does, how will Todd react? NOT SLOW BURN!! This is going to be quite fluffy: I wasn't happy with all the loose ends at the end of the series and since the second season won't be out till October I needed to write some cute ass brotzly moments And a sprinkling of angst here and there. These characters belong to Douglas Adams and BBC America and do not belong to me. Thanks guys for making such an amazing stories and shows.

"Do you like him?"

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Loose end...
by Captian_Swan_fenatic