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After a terrible incident that happened in the past, Gracen Harvor was forced to hide a part of herself and change to fit into society. Now, after years of hiding, she's finally gotten the normal life she's always wanted. Two good friends, a loving family and a future worth living for. Nothing could possibly ruin this. However, after strange videos begin to appear on her laptop and a series of murders suddenly plague her once peaceful town, Gracen is plunged into a dangerous world that she didn't even know existed. Thrown into a nightmare, she is forced to face the shadows of her past and the horrors of the present. And amongst all this chaos is a sinister force with evil intentions that could change the world forever. Will Gracen survive and keep her sanity intact, or will she succumb to the darkness and fade away forever? Only one thing is certain... Her life will never be the same. --- Disclaimer: I do not own any of the creepypasta characters in this story besides my few original characters. All credit for them goes to their original creators.

Prologue - pt. 1

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by haruishii