Garba, Guys, and Gh...
By bindibabes
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❝Her attitude was contagious, and I couldn't help but look at her, the way that the lights shone on her face, making her eyes sparkle. The way that her hair was slightly messy, but still looked flawless in my eyes. The way her smile seemed to light up the whole room. The way her hands clutched her gold and red dandiyas with nervous delight. All of it, I was completely enamored by, all of her.❞ ❧ weekly updates on sundays ❧ In which Kabir Patel shows up at the annual garba event, not expecting to have water spilled all over his kurta, or have a firecracker of a girl steal his heart in just nine nights. Highest || #275 in SS *we try to respond to all comments, thank you so much for all the love!

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Garba, Gu...
by bindibabes