Witching Moon (Twis...
By AMLKoski
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BamBam was a rather poor witch. That was why she ended up banished. Too many broken rules had her banished to the outer edges of the Territory. She was stuck just on the edge between her world and that of the Werewolves. Not that she cared much, she was still bitter about the banishment to care much about anything. That all changed when she nearly crashed her old truck due to one large, hulking werewolf with a child clutching onto his pant legs. BamBam had been hesitant at first, untrusting of the werewolf named Ren but one look at the sodden child and she melted. She brought them home, cleaned them up and soon learned that her life was now at the center of a dark magick spell and a curse six hundred years in the making. Because Ren had taken a child prophesied to be the end of the curse attacking both the Territory and the Werewolves, BamBam was now stuck on the edge of a choice. Give the child back and return her status as a formidable witch and let them end the curse without a glance backwards. Or keep the child and Ren safe and away from those seeking them both and let the two species figure out their own demise. A hard choice for one creature to make but BamBam knows there is only one choice that will finally give her what she had craved for, for so long. Something or somewhere she doesn't feel out of place and alone. It is a choice that will change the course of the future. What or who will BamBam choose? Tick tock Can't stop the clock

Curse of the Stonehearted Witch

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by AMLKoski