The Lone Survivor
By thatspecialteen
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"You sure he's here?" "Yeah, I'm sure. Can't you smell him? And haven't you heard about the young leopard shifter who's been spotted around these parts? Talk is that he's the lone survivor, and he's going to be ours" ~~~ My name is Fabian Davies, and I am a rogue leopard shifter. But it wasn't always this way. I used to have a family, a leap. We all lived in a huge house in the forest together, and we were one of the strongest leaps of our kind. Now, I live alone, scared to let go of the past or venture far from the house that I used to call my home. My leap disappeared five years ago, leaving me with nothing, no trace of where they went. Not even a note. Zion and Chase. The twins who stumbled upon my home and changed my life for good. They seem to know something about my pack, but without knowing their intentions, how can I possibly trust them? I am a rogue leopard shifter, cast aside by everyone I meet. I am the lone survivor.

Chapter 1 - I am Fabian

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The Lone...
by thatspecialteen