The Nerd Has a Secr...
By UniversalBri
  • Teen Fiction
  • abused
  • bullied
  • love
  • romance
  • secret
  • streetfighter


Crystal Peters is the 'nerd' of the school. Everyone there bullies her: cutting, hitting, and words all come her way at Crystal prep. Ironic much. Well Crystal really isn't just a 'nerd' but a famous fighter and street racer. Death Angel. No one know Crystal is Death besides her found family at the gym she goes to. She was abused by her mother until she died in a car crash a year go. Her father still abuses her. Her brother; now that's a whole new story. He ran away when Crystal was 12. That was 6 years ago. Crystal lives alone and pays for her house by the money she earns fighting. Andrew: Crystals major bully. The classic bad boy at Crystal prep. No one messes with him. What happens when Andrew sees Crystal at a fight along with his friends? The truth will be open and people from the past come back. What will happen? Read to find out in "The Nerd Has a Secret."

Chapter 1

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The Nerd...
by UniversalBri