Ruthless Alpha
By CriticalxCoyote
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WARNING This book is my very first werewolf book so please don't go to hard on me and also don't be afraid to leave comments. She was kind He was mean She was Caring He was heartless She was Happy He was emotionless Layla Harris is 19 year old she wolf who is the daughter of an alpha and is from the stardust pack she is one of the most caring wolves of the pack and gets along with everyone except one person. Tex Aguilar is a 2400 year old alpha he is the purest of his kind. Like all the other werewolves Tex was not bitten he was born an Lycan his family blood line comes from purebreds which makes him the strongest of his kind he was the first the moon goddess had ever created that was born inside of a woman's womb a natural birth. Will Layla learn to cooperate with Tex or will things turn for the worst? Will jealously occur between these two? Will Tex put aside his grief and move on after all these years? Read to find out in ruthless alpha. The cover is mine I made it I put a lot of hard work just to make this and I think it turned out well...have fun reading like I had fun making this book cover lol.


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by CriticalxCoyote