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A/N: Welcome to OW Oneshots! #319 in Fanfiction! #50 In Random! #1 in Enjoy! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED BOOK IS COMPLETED -------------------------------------------------------------------- Soldier 76: "Welcome to Overwatch Soldier, We're glad to have you on our team." Your life here at Overwatch is brand new.. you've been through some shit.. but your here with a new family and a new life to start. But here at Overwatch, there's not just heroes.. you have to look out for lovers fellow member. You may. be brand new here, or maybe you've been here for years, but one things for sure is that there's someone here that loves you. Whether it's someone from Talon, or it's an Omnic, they love you... This book takes you into the Overwatch world, of fighting and experiencing different stories about your most favorite characters and crushes. Each chapter is distinctively different for each reader, based on their request on who they want to read about. So.. Welcome to the Lovers side of Overwatch. We've been expecting you here.. Each man and women on the team, find something interesting about you, whether it's something annoying, bad, or just plain amazing, they love it and it makes them crazy for you. They'll confess, or you'll love them till death do you part. Maybe you'll stay together, or maybe you'll go separate paths. But who knows? You'll just have to go further and live the Overwatch life to experience different stories. Serenity/Author --------------------------------------------------------------------- (And a quick disclaimer! I don't do smut of any sort! It's just not in my curricular. But I may do fluff eventually. But if you ask, I will have to decline. Also, my book is open to all genders even if it does say Fem! Reader in the title fyi. And Requests are closed as of right now.)

McCree x Injured! Fem reader

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