Regional At Best
By rubyforest
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❝ I can't do this by myself. ❞ Their heads drew closer to eachother. ❝ You don't have to. ❞ It is the 1950s, and California's Miller High School's varsity baseball team is up to something. Something secret, something wild. People can see it from quick glimpses of a tattoo peeking through the sleeves of their t-shirts, the way they'll ditch school to go somewhere unknown. Team captains Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have noticed Madisyn Castor and Freya Bryant noticing them. Madi Castor is absolutely in L-O-V-E with her boyfriend, James, and they have a perfect, normal relationship, because that's what she wants...right? She begins to question what she actually wants when she meets Josh. Tyler struggles between doing right or wrong, when doing the wrong is for good. Trying to support himself and his younger brothers, he drowns in conflict-on the inside and outside. Freya feels she might not live up to her expectations, as hard as she tries to surpass the ones her parents set after her brother went to medical school. The repetitive phrase of, "Well, your brother never had this problem." is said over and over like a broken record. Josh's biggest flaw is that he thinks he has to take care of everyone, even when he knows he can't. All of them are going through something, but what they don't realize is that they don't have to do it alone.

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by rubyforest