Hiraeth (Opprimo Se...
By MgnCara
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Farah only wishes for two things in life-to be acknowledged by her father and to be noticed by the guy she secretly likes. But when things go haywire in her supposedly perfect life, she finds herself in the middle of a mess she can't seem to get out from. Can Farah fight her way through it all? *** Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Farah Demitri Sastre has always liked the simplest things in life. She wants to take over their family's ceramic and pottery business and finally be with Rhys, the guy she continuously and secretly likes for the past eight years. As she tries to win her father's trust and her friend's heart, Farah encounters one problem after the other... making her perfect world crumble down into pieces. But as she tries to pick the pieces up, she unexpectedly digs a secret past that's been trying to tear her family down. Can Farah be strong enough to face her fears and protect her loved ones no matter what it takes? Disclaimer: This story is written in Taglish. Cover Design by: Abilaine Isabelle


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Hiraeth (...
by MgnCara