Entwined by Destiny
By Em-square
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As humans, we all make plans but Allah is the best of planners.Four cousins thought they had their lives all sorted out.They all had plans for the future but what they didn't anticipate is what destiny had in store for them.... Fateema:She was a sweet, jovial and highly intelligent young lady until the nightmare that changed her life & turned her into a complete shadow of her former self.She became quiet, anti-social, dull & boring. She never laughs & smiles only occasionally. Her plans; Never be tied in bondage of marriage to any color-changing chameleon in form of a man! Mahmud; He's Fateema's identical twin brother. A born introvert, he's quiet and reserved by nature.He's cynical, mysterious and cocky.His friends refer to him as a tortoise with a large impenetrable shell into which he retreats and resurfaces only when he deems fit.In short, he's an enigma, nobody understands him.Well,maybe with the exception of just one person..... Walida:She's the true lady of the house. She's so sweet, loving & friendly. An excellent cook, she's a fashionista and a selfie-queen.All in all, she's the right picture of perfection, except for one hitch--she's a sickler! Her dream; To stop being sick! Iman:Ah! The "light" of the entire house. She's hyperactive, social, talkative, boisterous, stubborn, witty, carefree, naughty, clever. ...and so it goes on.In short, Iman is the light that illuminates the dullness in the lives of her cousins. With her witty remarks & naughty pranks, life never gets boring. Her plan? ; To marry her knight in shining armor , the Crown Prince of Katagum, Ayman Modibbo Tukur. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Hers is a story of betrayal of trust, deception and shame such that she gave up on life. And then hope came from the least unlikely source but with great obstacles... Theirs is a story in which marital strings are bonded together & no earthly sword, no cultural belief, no mortal being can pull apart.The ties are

Chapter One

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by Em-square