My Little Omega Mate
By Bunnysuprise2002
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Baba- This is soon to be Alpha in the Blue Moon Star's. After he finds and claims his mate that is. Baba is straight with a girl wolf. His birthday is in a couple of day's. He will be turning 18 years old. He hopes on finding a nice girl that can provide his pups and love him for ever. What do you think he will do when he finds out it's not a girl? Andrew- He and Cece are the only Omega in the Blue Moon Star's pack. He is the guy that gets picked on at school and at home. Andrew is 17 years old. He is gay and everyone knows. That's not why everyone messes with him, it's because he looks too much like a girl to be a guy. What will happen when he finds out his mate is the Alpha? What will happen? Will Baba rejected Andrew or stay with him? read on to find out. I want to point out that i cuss A LOT in this book, sooooo i don't wanna see comments saying not to cuss or anything. I use A couple of racial language. Only like a couple of times tho Warning- This is a boyxboy book. Don't like it? Then why the fuck is you here? Anyways, for all the other people that do like it, read on. I will update as much as i can or when i have time. I will try my best to make this book a good one. I can take ideas if you got some. BTW! This is NOT my cover! My bestfriend made it for me! I'm giving him alll the credit! @jooshgrey


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My Little...
by Bunnysuprise2002