Beyond the Boundari...
By LoveRed25
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Thanks for showing so much love my dear readers! If you love Beyond the Boundaries plz don't forget to comment and vote ooh and share with your friends as well! Thank you for your support ❤️❤️❤️ "you will never look at me the way I do......and that kills me everyday". Heartbreak,Pain,Tears......these has become the terms describing Ella Miller's life. why?because she fell in love? insane,isn't it? Because she fell in love with Jacob Parker,a dominant ,harsh ,aspiring architect. For whom she's nothing but a desperate girl,disrupting his own love life. Tired of love.... Tired of pain......... Tired of heartbreak..... Tired of crying..... Now Ella is determined for a new beginning.... A beginning beyond the boundaries...... But what has destiny stored for her?? Will love fall apart? and hate win??? Or will Love find a way again?? Beyond the boundaries is a story of love,heartbreak,friendship, family......and a struggle of love over hate.!! #432 Wattpad out of 6.32k stories (26/1/19) #397 in romance ......25/10/17 #85 in Watty's 2017 out of 85 books Like Beyond The Boundaries? Then also check out by me: The Frozen Heart-1.28k reads

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Beyond th...
by LoveRed25