Roommates [BoyxBoy]
By Peyton_Gibbs
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Evan, a boy who never thinks twice about someone except having sex with them, finds himself falling for his roommate Angelo. He believes Angelo might be the one, the one he will commit to, the one that will make him understand the essence of relationships. Meanwhile, Angelo is a runaway boy with a secret. Even though he moved across continents to be away from his family, they seem to always catch up with him, and one day, he has to go back. But when he finds out that he has fallen madly in love with his roommate, he's found wanting. What happens when Angelo decides to let Evan follow him home. Will Evan finally discover Angelo's dreaded secret? And will he allow it to come between them? In a world where humans are kept in the dark about supernatural creatures, it's scary to wonder what will happen when a human finds out that the supernatural exists after all.

Ch. 1

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by Peyton_Gibbs