The Outlaw and the...
By conleyswifey
  • Historical Fiction
  • cowgirls
  • cranegang
  • girlxgirl
  • outlaws
  • womanxwoman


Willamina or Willa as she insists everyone call her, has been on the same mission since age fourteen. Find her family. It had been a difficult journey being a young woman on her own all these years. In just over a decade she'd reached nothing but dead ends. But she had one hope. One hope at a living, breathing relative. A half-brother named Willie. Eleanor has finally begun to put her past behind her. She has a nice life on the ranch with her brother and the family. Though everyone still considers her a recluse, Eleanor simply enjoys quiet and solitude. She loves caring for the babies on the ranch and thirteen year old Preston is her closest friend. There is nothing Eleanor feels is missing from her life--until a loud, opinionated, feisty woman rides and changes everything.

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The Outla...
by conleyswifey