Fix You (Snamione)...
By SnapesBonkBasket8689
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Snape / Hermione story (rated mature just in case 😂😂🐍) As this is fan fiction this story does not fully tie in with the books, in this story Hogwarts has an 8th year. I guess you could say a little bit like college in the UK. The 8th year are students who are 18-19 year olds who CHOSE to stay on after their NEWTs for further education while having part time jobs and / or apprenticeships. Snape survives the war and currently remains as headmaster, For the new school year he has brought in some new classes, such as 'Auror Training' and 'Beginners Magical Medicine' for 8th years looking into those career paths. Which brings visiting Professors to Hogwarts. He has also taken Minerva McGonagall on as his right hand woman, a deputy headmaster if you will. And oh boy does she have some ideas.... Welcome to Hogwarts' new school year, starting September 1998 Thanks to @HermioneGranger30501 for the amazing cover!! you always hook me up with the best covers 💖 All rights belong to JK Rowling - I own nowt!


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Fix You (...
by SnapesBonkBasket8689