Night Guardian
By ZekkaArelisteforde
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Seeing ghosts isn't scary. I grew up being a girl who wasn't afraid of the boogieman, of what could possibly be under my bed, of the creeping crawling creatures of the dark, or loud creaks and bangs at the dead of night. I knew something was wrong with me the moment I realized that I saw more than what most people see. It bothered me at first, but luckily I'm not alone, and my school gives us credit for that. Is this a horror story of how I deal with bloodthirsty ghost murderers? Nope (Most of the time, at least). It's just me: a regular high school student. Well, not really "regular"... But let me tell you something... I did not expect that I would meet a ghost who could make me jump. Not of fear, though... It's something else... || Welcome to the world of Paranormal-Science Fiction ||

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Night Gua...
by ZekkaArelisteforde