The Robber Knight's...
By Nobody490
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**This is fan fiction for Rob Thier's Robber Knight series** It has been twelve years since the Margrave von Falkenstein's armies threatened to destroy Luntberg. Back then, Fye was a little girl who could only stand in awe of the battle prowess of the great Sir Reuben (and occasionally jab her enemies with a stick). Now Fye is all grown-up and as feisty as ever. When a neighboring fiefdom decides to host a tournament, Sir Reuben "convinces" the host lord to allow Fye to participate. Will she win and achieve her dream of becoming a knight like Sir Reuben? Or will she end up embarrassing herself, her teacher, and her liege lady? More importantly, will she fall for Sir Reuben's handsome squire? ****I'm not a historian, so there may be some historical inaccuracies in here, but hopefully there won't be too many egregious errors****

1 - A Convenient Opportunity

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The Robbe...
by Nobody490