The Hidden Girl
By smileyrilie11
  • Teen Fiction
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Annabella lives an awful tragic life with no friends and a family who could care less. This all changes when she goes to see the school bully in the park she witnesses his brutal murder. The police decide that sending her across the country to California to "hide". When they say hide they mean be the center of attention. Annabella the shy and quiet girl be outgoing? Yeah right. Annabella struggles to keep her new identity from the nosey and ignorant bad boy of her new school. Her life seems to start to calm down but how long until her past catches up with her? ------------------------------------------------------ These people see the best in everyone even if their broken. Others tend to assume that the girl in the corner is just the girl in the corner. I just happen to be that girl in the corner. That's how everyone sees me. They don't dig deeper they don't try to know me they only read the cover. Sometimes covers can be the most deceiving things. Like Clark Kent he was just an average journalist for the paper, but then there was Super Man. His pages were so deep, detailed and interesting; but if you had only looked at the cover you would have missed it. ------------------------------------------------------ He quietly sat down next to me and began to speak; "We are going to put you in the witness protection program. We are sending you to sunny California;where you will be disguised as a preppy cheerleader. We tried to find a disguise that would be so different from your quiet persona that HE wouldn't know it is you.

Chapter 1

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The Hidde...
by smileyrilie11