Second Best
By BetweenProjects
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Being a werewolf is hard enough. Being an Alphas second son is even harder. Especially when you don't shift. Zion Connor is tired of being the pack weirdo. The passive. Non shifter. The one with the human body and wolf face. He can't help it. He was born like that. At least he has his fluffy tail. And his family. Besides. There are other values other than looks right? And his mate will see past that once he finds her, right? When a tired, skinny and abused young female enters the pack, Zion's heart soars. She's his one. The one he's made for. And she doesn't mind his wolf face. Because she's seen worse. The only trouble is that she's bonded to his brother as well. Abel. The pack charmer. Generally seen as the best looking wolf for miles. And the handsomest in human shape. The one person Zion loves more than anything. Zion has always given Abel everything, including the Beta position of the pack. But will he be able to give him Akela?


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Second Be...
by BetweenProjects