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In Los Angeles, immigration has become a hot-button issue and manages to cause friction between certain groups of students at Pacific Coast High, whose prestigious location and reputation attracts students living outside the affluent district to take a two hour bus ride every day just to attend the school. Dominic Zorilla is one of those students, but only because his mother thinks it will offer him a better education and actually thinks Pacific Coast is filled with the most pretentious, privileged trust fund snobs he's ever met. Having come from a wealthy background, Francesca Villanueva couldn't be any more different than Dominic, except for the fact that they are both Latinx. They would have stayed in their very separate social circles, disliking each other from afar had it not been for one moment when their worlds collide. As much as they try and deny it, there is something strong between them, and soon they discover that sometimes love overpowers social differences that conspire to keep them apart, but it also might just cost them everything.

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