Deadly Scandals Fre...
By AMOTimePlayer
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First day of school. New faces, and old faces arrive. Along with that comes Stero types, but no matter what kind all stero types fit into one of the two catagories. Jocks and Nerds. What if two exact opposites, collided? Now. I know what your thinking. "Wow AMOTimePlayer finally lost it as an author, she's crazy!" but you want to know what?The best people are crazy. A group of bullies, a group of supports, a few fakes and some real, a Jock and Nerd, and freak in the herd. Will the two fall in love? Is that really your question? The real question is...Who'll start the fight first? WARNING; 💖If you are sensitive to anything with abuse, bullying (anything negative) Please do not read. I do not wish to hurt you if these topics bother you. I have given you warning. So read at your own cost. 💖Also this is a boy x boy story, so if you don't like pls don't read and be mean. Finally Enjoy

📮Ch.1 Introduction📮

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Deadly Sc...
by AMOTimePlayer