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By joymoment
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"Honestly one of the best books I've read" - mywayforme "I'll take it from here," Sebastian said. "Ms. Dawson, I re-watched your interlude performance from Saturday and I was impressed with your drumming ability. I'm about to start work on my next album. I'm putting together a creative team to develop how the album will sound and I want to extend an invitation to you." Startled by the offer, Amelia's mind went blank. All words slipped from her brain, her thoughts becoming a jumbled mess pooled at her feet. "Ms. Dawson?" Sebastian prompted. Amelia blinked. Amelia didn't realize when she said yes to a once in a life time opportunity that it would jump start her career and help her find the one thing she hadn't been looking for. "Seriously, this book is not at all a cliche. It is very mature and fun to read and no teenage drama which was a huge plus. This book is amazing and was definitely worth reading!!" - LiveYourMoment "I honestly love your book.. It was such a. Great story!!!!" - vanshika_pgt "One word AMAZING!" - mortelinstruments "I LOVED THIS STORY. I read it almost in a day and don't regret it a single moment. This story is so involving and isn't totally cliche. Simply absolutely amazing." - IPBR21 #1 in Teen Fiction Started December 2016 Completed February 10, 2017

Dang! Check out that cast!

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Every Sec...
by joymoment