Broken Pieces
By blackdynamite99
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~COMPLETED ~ After an accident that claims the life of her mother and leaves her father paralyzed, Erica Smith is never the same. Erica has people around her but is incapable of really letting anyone in. She keeps her secrets, thoughts, problems and dreams to herself. Erica has the routine way she lives her life. Some events will lead to her meeting new people that will change her in different ways. She meets Caden in the process and he will teach her how to live after a long time of not wanting to. He doesn't treat her like broken glass and she isn't scared of him just because he is cold and mean to her. She will also teach him how to become a better person and let go of his own past and the hurt buried deep in his heart. Two broken pieces that will make each other whole. Tip: There is family drama, secrets no one wants their loved ones to find out and a lot of lies by both parties. Lies that may make them heal each other but may or may not end up together.


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Broken Pi...
by blackdynamite99