Broken Promise -Com...
By JenBis
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Once upon a time there were two little kids who had no worries about the world, till one day someone offered little Liam his dream and he took it with open arms and a cookie..meanwhile he had to break a promise he had made with little Haley. Liam had to move away to the lights of fame, while little Haley stayed behind in defeat with hatred building up. Though after eleven years of ignorance courtesy of Haley's behalf, Liam thinks it's time to push himself back into her life..This may not be the best idea, it can make or break there left behind and lingering friendship..Although Liam know's it and he is willing to take the leap of fate. Let me warn you ahead...This isn't your typical love story baby, its a twist of fate and a little realistic, if you can't handle realism than I suggest you just close this tab and say goodbye to reality forever..Because in real life love hurts, it isn't about butterflies, its about mind over matter, the thin line between love and hate..Do they fall in love..? It's what you expect, what if I told you I don't do cliche and everything you thought you knew about the typical 'Hollywood best friend love story' was about to meet it's ace... [[ SEQUEL HERE: ]]


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Broken Pr...
by JenBis