Changing Red
By emilyawesome383
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A battle has been brewing in the humble town of Crimson Hollow for nearly twenty years, and the only one who can stop it doesn't want to be involved. Rebeckah Morgan is a feisty soccer player with striking auburn hair, unresolved anger issues, and a dead father. She must turn back the clock and change the inevitable. The problem is, she doesn't want to help anyone. Especially not when the ones asking unravel the web of lies her parents told her. After some serious convincing from an old friend, Rebeckah agrees to help fight. But she did not give in out of their kindness in her heart. No, the girl who has been lied to all of her life wants revenge. With the help of those like her, she acquires the skills to avenge her father's killer. However, her mission for retribution becomes nearly impossible when her target's identity is uncovered. Find out if our struggling heroine can change the fate of those she will come to love when you read the first book to THE RED series. * * * First place Action winner of the Q&K Awards; Second place Action winner of the Wolf Awards; Third place Action runner-up of the Jo Awards; Third place overall winner of Faith G's Awards.

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by emilyawesome383