Ghost Hunt Continua...
By animefin
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"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."-Stephen King While researching the cursed house, Naru is rushed to the hospital while letting his pride get the best of him. However, not long after, another job approaches. Many treasures lay in store for Mai, Naru, and the others in the SPR crew. As new cases arise and, perhaps, a few hardships as well, Mai's newfound abilities are put to the test and Naru's emotions are under strain. Each fight their own battles. What will happen in the near or far future? Can Mai and Naru defeat their inner demons while trying to exorcise the ones that attack others? Well, I guess you'll see. I do not own the cover picture, the anime, or any pictures and videos attached to this story. I only own the cases and new characters introduced into my fan-fiction. Amazing cover was created by doleful! Continuation of anime, however, I suggest reading the manga. It's worth it! Haven't updated this in 3 years so I'm probs not gonna update anymore. But enjoy what's there if you wish!

The Unfortunate Past part 1

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Ghost Hun...
by animefin