HOPE {Completed}
By K-K1385
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"WIAT!" I yelled. "I have a knock knock joke," I blurted. "Go, quick," "Knock knock," I said. "Who's there?" He asked. "Cows go," I said. "Cows go who?" He asked. "No, cows go moo," I said. "Taaa daaa!" "Okay, now get out of my way," He demanded walking past me. "No wait-" I was cut off by Dylan throwing me over his shoulder. "Stop!" I accidentally hit his face with my foot. "Ouch," He muttered. "NAOMI!" I heard Keith yell making Mark and Dylan stop. He appeared in front of the staircase glaring daggers at me with a huge bump on top of his head. He looked like a unicorn gone wrong. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once upon a time, there was a normal girl going through High School. She had really rich parents and she got everything she wanted. Everyone loved her because of how sweet she was. She was completely healthy as well so she lived happily ever after! Wait! Cut! That is not my life story at all! Let me tell you the real story... Once upon a time, there was an awkward 17 year old girl going through High School. She had never met her parents and had to live with her idiotic older brother, William Johnson. They were not rich at all. They didn't even have a house to sleep in so they lived in this huge tent. Most people in her school hated her because of how sweet and bubbly she was but she was just trying to make them happy. And let's just say she had a very deadly disease as well. Now that is the life story of me; Naomi Johnson. And I don't believe in two things; 1. Happily ever after 2. Hope Because I can't just hope that my life will be a happily ever after, because I know it's not. My life is just like a Nightmare! Thank you for clicking on this book and letting it entertain you :) TANK YOOOUUU!!!!! ----------------------------- Highest Rank: #701 Humor 3:53 PM


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HOPE {Co...
by K-K1385