Blood Lines
By AreYouInhuman
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<< A Peter Parker Fanfiction >> Peter has friends that he has known for most of his life, people that have always been there for him, people that care for and worry about him. However, Peter doesn't have anyone like Clover in his life. No, she is not some best friend that he has fallen in love with over the years, in fact they share the same last name. Clover Parker, the daughter of Ben and May Parker, Peter's cousin and closest friend (other than Ned). The two are as thick as thieves, have been since Peter started living with them at age 6, but the two are no longer children, they are a pair of 16 year olds. Both of them have to deal with high school in their own ways. But when death knocks on their families' door, and a mask vigilante appears in the city, life is steered off course for the cousins. To shake things up further, two power hungry villains threaten the city and Peter and Clover can not just sit idly by and watch. But can Spiderman do it all by himself? Maybe he won't have to... [ Pre & Post Civil War ] ((DISCLAIMER: I do not own Spiderman or the Marvel characters and backstories that I have included in this book. However, even though the story line was partially inspired by the Spiderman Homecoming trailer, the majority of the story is of my own creation, so no stealing.)) Storyline copyright @AreYouInhuman •STORY STARTED JANUARY 15, 2017• FINISHED MAY 15, 2017•

• Prologue •

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Blood Lin...
by AreYouInhuman