Insanable! # Book 1
By goldndiamonds
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Highest ranks: Rank #1 in watty2017 on 10oct2020 Rank #1 in hotromance on 13july 2k18 Rank #1 in "cuteromance" on 13 July 2018 Rank #1 In "granny" on 16 may 2k18 Rank #1 in "kingandqueen" on 11 Jul2k18 Rank #4 in "intenselove" on 12 July 2018 Rank #7 in "watty2017" on 12 July 2018 Rank #9 in "watty" on 12july 2k18 Started: 7 December 2k16 **************** "I love my effect on you" his smirk widen and he dip his head lower and kiss the sweet spot on my neck. As soon as his soft lips touch the skin of my neck, heat flares in my whole body and I shudders as a little moan escapes from my Lips. "I love the way you moan. I just can't wait the day you will scream my name when ..."he assert but I cut him in. "We are getting late." I imply and pushed him a little to make my way out of doors. I literally ran out of the doors and sigh deeply. ***************** Randhir Singh Shekhawat : A billionaire. The CEO of his company, who fire employees with a flick of his fingers. He is handsome, smart, rich, intelligent, hot and heartless. He is the dream of every girl but he don't give a fuck to those fake beauties anymore. The only thing important in his life is his Granny. Sanyukta: A sweet girl. Full of love. She is beautiful, sexy, smart but she is not aware of the effect she have on all the males around her. The one thing she craved for is love. What happen when they meet? Will she able to break his walls and enter in his heart? OK wait, I think she just did it when he lays his eyes on her for the first time. Randhir is a person who know what he want and how he will get it. He is a man of control and planning. He thinks that things happen according to him because he control the people around him. But somewhere beyond this universe, destiny smirks, as its her time to play her game.

Chapter 1. (s)

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by goldndiamonds