Loki (book 1)
By the_a_initiative
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COMPLETED (book #1) Tessa Stark works at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters with her uncle Tony Stark. One day, the Avengers Initiative is assembled once again. But not by Loki's threat, but by one of their own. But, Loki does turn up, wanting all of Tessa's power. Loki learns to help Tessa as they both must go on a journey to save themselves from power that not even the one who inherits it can control. But, what happens when Tessa and Loki grow feelings for each other? And if old lovers become new threats to their lives? Heartbreaks. Death. Pain. Fear. Secrets. Realms. Plans. Enemies. Crying. Sadness. Love. Fate. Darkness. Power. Loki and Tessa must find a way to save themselves from the darkness of all worlds. But add a mother who wants her daughter dead and see what happens. © @the_a_initiative 2013-2015

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