Sakura Blossom
By lunawolf8074
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(Book 2 of Kink/Romance series)(Breeding kink-Fetish) Love is like the Sakura blossoms that bloom in the comes in many colors, it just grows when given a place and sustenance to do so. Love can blossom anywhere, anyplace or at any given time. It knows not of time, nationality or grows wherever a seed is planted. Over the coarse of time it can grow into something beautiful and strong. Like the Sakura blossom they both are something to be treasured for their beauty...something to be nurtured throughout the ages. Mitchell Ortiz was just like any other young man trying to make his way in life by working hard as a Physical Therapist while helping to raise his teenage sister since he was 18 years old. Life was going good ..he was offered a better position in the hospital he worked at and was transferred overseas to work in Japan. His sister went with him in hopes of a change for her and her unborn child. It wasn't until one dark rainy night that turned his world upside down and left him in charge to raise his sisters newborn baby, Jayde Ortiz. Kai-Anji was a simple college professor of English lit that was very settled in his ways until one day he gets a call from his family that draws him back home to Kyoto, Japan. While there he discovers an injured puppy who desperately needs love and he ends up getting injured while rescuing the puppy, he goes to see a doctor where he discovers someone he thought was lost to him. Mitch and Anji's love are like the Sakura blossom...very fragile and tender in the easily broken if to much pressure is applied. Over time their love can grow into something strong and beautiful and the bonds that are formed will become unbreakable.


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Sakura Bl...
by lunawolf8074