A walk in the clouds
By Rgstories
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A short story Set in the 1950 , in a still conservative and orthodox country. In the beautiful locales of Rajasthan, this is the story of a young Rajput princess. A child widow. Married off at the tender age of eight to seal a political alliance she was a widow at twelve. Having never know the husband for whom all her happiness and childhood was taken away. This is the story of Adira's fight, her struggle to win her true love against all odd. "Abhimanyu will you make me your" I looked up into his eyes. Unable to hide my love for him. I knew that if he refused me then I would surely die, here n now. I wanted to be his in everysense even if it was just for this night. Yes i wanted this one night all for myself, letting no one in. Just him and me. In a world of our own.


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A walk in...
by Rgstories