The Charming Billio...
By scopian_16
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| ZAEEF SIBLINGS BOOK I | -UNEDITED- "So destiny huh" he said and I looked away. Destiny. "It was all Allah's plan. Guess my prayers got answered" he said, looking at me as I stared at his blurry reflection in the steel walls. "You prayed for me" I said and he chuckled. "You don't want someone in your life so much until you begin praying for them each day" ________ Amyrah Saleh liked to think she was an independent young woman with a great big world to explore. Well she was one, no doubt. But with everything she had, she felt something lacked. Kayan Zaeef was the billionaire everyone was fond of. From being nice and friendly to being the most charming person at any event, he brought light to everything. They met by chance, He fell in love by choice. And he was determined to make her feel the same. After all, he was the charming billionaire. Join the fiery Amyrah with the gray eyed charmer, as they take on the unknown journey most like to call love. copyright scopian_16 2017

The Charming Billionaire.

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The Charm...
by scopian_16