Vacant Hearts [UNDE...
By adellewoods
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[Formerly titled 'The Seduction Game'] Isa Kincaid can't remember the exact moment she began hating Julian West, just that she does - vehemently. It doesn't help that Julian harbours similar feelings towards Isa, either. In a moment of weakness where Isa allows her anger to get the better of her, she makes a bet with Julian to see who can gain the most popularity over the school year. His infuriating nature paired with his golden charm makes Julian a formidable enemy, but Isa is determined to take him down. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right? As they begin spending more time with one another, Isa unwittingly starts to realise that Julian may not be as bad as she once thought. Strangely, he's always there when she needs someone and believes in her like no one ever has before. Isa can't shake the terrifying feeling that things are changing between them, but for better or for worse, she can't decide. Love is (not) easy. [1st in #hatetolove - 26/5/19]


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Vacant He...
by adellewoods