The Single Father [...
By actorseokjin
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Justin Bieber is a 35 year old single father of three sons who's struggling to support his family financially. He works two different jobs day and night to provide for his sons that he loves and cherishes wholeheartedly. He's not proud of his past but he has changed his life around for his children and bettered himself as an individual. Zayn Malik is a 31 year old CEO whose priority is his company. Malik Enterprises is the third highest grossing company of Canada and he possesses a great amount of power and authority that could shut down another large company if they got on his bad side. The man is feared by all and doesn't give second chances. What happens when these two men, who are polar opposites, meet when Justin's oldest son is offered an internship at Zayn's company? WARNING: this book is pretty sh*tty and cliche so be aware lol


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The Singl...
by actorseokjin