The Awakening
By CoyleLieb
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People are drawn together in the strangest ways but sometimes we have to look deeper into what is below the surface because things are not always what they seem. When a girl goes missing unexpectedly, it is the determination of those closest to her that may give her the only chance she may have to break free. Their solution does not follow the path you would expect and unravels the lives of those around them, in ways you may never expect. A mixture of horror/paranormal and a thriller rolled into one. Joint writing venture by Kimberley S B Lieb @wrightstory and Heather Coyle @h_coyle Updates are intended to be the last Friday every month, due to our other writing commitments, so please add this profile to your library for updates and feel free to also follow our personal updates for more information.

1 - The Crow -

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The Awake...
by CoyleLieb