Dragon Heir [Book 1...
By pmpanda
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There was a time when the king of the human world raged war between humans and dragonkind, forcing their rulers to seal the portal between both worlds and leave the one thing they loved above all else behind. Now, in a land full of turmoil, one huntress learns of her bloodline and how she alone has the ability to harness her dragon's power and save both lands. Will she be able to free the human citizens from their tyrant leader and save her own people from extinction? Or will she fall prey to those wanting to use her powers for their own greed? -currently editing- Chapters 1-6 finished Chapters after these may be odd or not make sense. Be wary. *Cover is made by Christina aka Surehuinel from deviantart.com, her work is amazing please check it out http://surehuinel.deviantart.com/

Chapter 1

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Dragon He...
by pmpanda