Reigniting Her Fire
By BlankBlank543
  • Romance
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  • erotica
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  • mature
  • romance
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"Is that you want, baby? You want me to fuck you hard?" Nate asked as he peppered kisses along my neck and shoulder. On the word 'hard' he lightly bit into my shoulder. Marking me as his and igniting the flame of desire low in my belly. "Y-y-yes." I managed to choke out. I couldn't think straight. The only thought that ran through my head was Nathan. His mouth. His hands. His cock. Fucking me in bed. Fucking me on the kitchen island. Fucking me against the wall. "Then run." ---------------------- This is a short story following a couple, Nathan and Leah, reigniting their sex life after being in a sexual slump for a long time. Together they rediscover what makes them burn for each other. The story follows them across the course of 1 weekend. It is therefore going to be a very short erotica. ----------------------- DISCLAIMER- This book contains heavy sexual content and no BDSM. This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 know why. ---------- Due to some technical errors Chapter 3 is now located at the back of the book. Sorry for the mess-up and if this annoys anybody.

Chapter 1

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by BlankBlank543