Feather Light
By Blondeanddangerous
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If you had wings... If you could fly... How would it affect your life? Your love? Your freedom? Keira has wings, and she is alone. The city girl hides her wings from the world, believing she is a freak, haunted by strange men in suits who constantly follow her movements. Keira exists for the night when she can take to the skies and soar above her troubles. Noah and Leigh have wings too, but they've always had each other. Fraternal twins, the gorgeous brothers have shared everything, despite being total opposites. Noah is a dark genius with a deep spiritual faith, while the cheerful Leigh is a vet with a heart for helping others. One night, they all fly into each other and the adventure begins. As the three new companions grow closer, attractions develop and the cracks begin to show in this complicated triangle. Keira, Noah and Leigh need to work together because a new threat is looming - a ruthless government agency is hunting them down and life as they know it has changed forever. As the three friends fight for their freedom and Keira tries to decide which of the brothers her heart belongs to, the feathers are sure to fly. A romantic fantasy for new adults and adventure lovers.

Chapter 1

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Feather L...
by Blondeanddangerous