Where the HECK am I...
By everything_you_think
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"Aughhhh..." I groaned. "What happened?" my voice echoed as I rubbed my head. I got up, and looked around. "Where the HECK am I?" It was dark everywhere. I heard something and turned around. And looking straight at me were two red, glowing eyes. ••• Here, a story about Haru A girl with not a care(u?) About the goddamn frustrations of black butler. The end. Haru is not an average Fangirl. She doesn't have a super crush, maybe some unique, OTPS... but definitely different. And most definitely unstable to deal with the crap pulled throughout both series, the manga, and the anime, she deals with things as many would say is... Special. Beware, screams of frustration and cries of happiness will follow, as well as table flips, dance numbers, and cats. Lots of cats. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Aight, I'm the writer! And this is a black butler fanfic. I hope you enjoy, a disclaimer: Do not own Black Butler don't arrest me. Cover made by 7Panda7 or Panda-San, amazing talent with covers. Enjoy the book!

No character info because I'm a noob

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Where the...
by everything_you_think