Apple Pies and Stet...
By animana
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Book 1 Harry is pissed. Really Pissed. His boyfriend of two years told him he was getting married. With someone else. Just after sex. So now, Harry has to live with the knowledge of being a cheated fool. And that is why the last thing he needs is to fall in love with a straight man. Which means that depending on him, that is exactly what is NOT going to happen. James is tired. Really tired. Lately, his personal life and work at the hospital haven't been as he wanted them to be. Without the will to deal with more trouble, the last thing he is looking for is a new lover. Especially a male one. Because why would a straight guy ever decide to go out with another guy. But sometimes life doesn't move as we expect and that is why, at a dream-like café, a man called James meets a man called Harry and that encounter changes the way both see life and love. Highest rank #3 in Humor

1 - Bastard cheating ex and pie crust.

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Apple Pie...
by animana